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The Original Black Cab Concierge Service

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The First & Only Black Cab Concierge Service

Cab Butler is the concept of two friends with 15 years experience in the service industry. We at Cab Butler strive to provide the very best service to new and existing clients 24/7 – 365.

Cab Butler was born in a city of constant change and innovation with the onset of the digital age they diversified and undertook a select handful of clients whom required a platinum standard concierge service.

Step forward to 2020 with COVID-19 making a devastating impact on the world our objective is to make your life easier.

Due to client requests based on our own experience in the industry we saw a niche in the market that we could tap into.

Cab Butler is a Private Members Premier Concierge Service in and around London. Offering a complete butler service from transport to personal shopping to picking up the little ones.

Cab Butler knew that, based on previous experience and some in depth research, there was a demand for such a service. By offering a FREE 30-day trial for new members it allowed them to iron out the problems they faced and enabled them to offer the service they offer today!